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The DESIGNS project brings together 7 partners from 4 EU countries who are renowned experts in the fields of Education and Training, Employment, Sign Language Interpreting and Deaf Community Advocacy. The overall aim of the project has been to create VET and CPD training resources and exchange best practices across Europe to facilitate greater participation of Deaf sign language users in employment.


This has been achieved by:


  • Creating a training module for Deaf job seeking graduates from higher education who are reported to be underemployed and who have a lower propensity to get a job;
  • Creating a training module for employers to increase their awareness of deaf job applicants and job candidates to so that Deaf job applicants have a better chance in succeeding in employment;
  • Creating a training module for sign language interpreters as part of their continuous professional development to understand the nature of interpreting in education and employment (pre-employment/during employment) settings.




  • Transitional Deaf job seekers (looking for a job upon leaving tertiary education)
  • Unemployed Deaf job seekers
  • Employers and higher education access and career guidance personnel and educators (teaching staff)
  • Sign Language Interpreters


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